Paragon Physical Therapy | Elite Girya
PARAGON Physical Therapy is located in Deer Park, NY and operated by Cheryl Christie, PT.
Physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, Cheryl Christie, PT
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At ELITE GIRYA, the workouts are not only challenging, but also fun! Classes are small, personalized and designed to help each person reach their goals be it strength, fat loss, better health, or just to feel and look better. Our focus is on the quality of your movement and not the quantity of your reps.


What separates us from the rest of the gyms on Long Island is the enthusiasm and support in a “family” environment.  Here you will find that our members motivate each other to be their best as much as the trainers do.


Founder, Cheryl Christie, is a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer with over 20 years of experience, which she combines to help clients achieve their fitness goals safely.


We offer small group personal training, private training, TRX classes, sports performance training as well as special workshops led by industry leaders.  Check the schedule and join us for the next class!

You can be anything you want. But you have to be strong first.
Pavel Tsatsouline
Sports Performance Training
Focus on proper form.